Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I find books in the online catalog?

The catalog uses a true word search, like Google. Type in as much information as you know: for example, the author’s last name, a key word of the title, the subject of the book or any combination. Of course you can also use the advanced search.

When are my books due?

When you are logged in, your name appears at the top right of your screen. If you click on it, you will see all the information about your account: checked out books, due dates, fines, but also a tab with your personal information and another one to change your password.

How can I renew my books?

When you are logged in, your name appears at the top right of your screen. If you click on it, you will see all the information about your account. In the tab "my summary" you can see your checked out books. These are the books you have currently borrowed. Here you can renew your books and see how many renewals you have left for each book.

What can I do if I don’t find the book I need?

If the book you want is not in its normal spot on the shelf, you can first see if it has been misplaced on the shelf. Then take a look on the book cart (in the centre room, where the used books are placed until we shelve them) and on the new books shelf (in the entrance wing). You can also check to see if another student is using it. If you don’t find the book in the library, please notify us by either coming to our office (during opening hours) or sending us an email (

How do I find a journal in the library?

Journal volumes of the last two years are on the New Journals shelf in the entrance wing (next to the multifunctional). Volumes newer than 1994 are in the Periodical Section, which is also located in the entrance wing (before the books). Volumes older than 1995 are kept in closed stacks and can be requested by placing a hold in the catalog.

How do I get a material from an office or the closed stacks?

Place a hold.

Can I reserve an item that is checked out?

Yes, place a hold.

How do I place a hold?

In your search results in the catalog, if you find that the book is not located in the main library or is checked out, you can “place a hold” on it. Under each item is the option to “place a hold”. This option is also available on the right side of your screen once you have opened the material record. You can start the hold on a different date (default is today, so leave empty if you want it for today). If a record has several items, indicate which one you want. There is also a "notes" box in which you can indicate which issue of a journal you want.
The library staff will process holds each workday. Holds placed after 14:30 will be processed the next workday. **Due to being temporarily understaffed, processing can take longer.** You will receive an email if and when the material is available for you at the library desk.
This feature of "placing holds" can also be used by the Open University students to request books in advance (more information on the procedure is found on the Virtual Campus > Library > Documents > Open University).

How can I get access to the EBSCO and ProQuest databases?

Access to these databases is only for ETF students and staff. They can gain access via the Virtual Campus > Library > Links.

What kind of classification system do you use?

We use the Library of Congress Classification System. This is a topic based classification system designed by the Library of Congress (national library of the U.S.). An outline can be found here.
Important universities like Yale, Princeton, Trinity and Fuller also use this system.

I need a book that's not listed in the catalog. Can you buy it for me?

At the bottom of your search results you will see the option to make a purchase suggestion. This option is also available in your account. The librarians will review your suggestion. In your account you can see which purchase suggestions you have made and the response from the librarians.

How can I access the wireless internet in the library?

To use the wireless network in the library you need a password. This is available in the library office.

Why can’t I take my bag into the library?

In the past it has happened that people accidentally put library books into their bags with their own possessions and left the library without checking out the book. To avoid this problem we ask that you use the baskets in the library and leave your bag at the entrance. This way you will notice if you take any books and will be able to check them out before doing so.

Why do/didn't I get a notification email?

Go to your account to set your messaging preferences and choose which notifications you would like to receive. You cannot opt out from the overdue notification emails via your account. If you do not receive the emails, check your spam folder. Please contact us if there is still a problem.

How do I get a (new) library card?

Students and staff automatically get a library card. Visitors can apply for a library card at the library office, only during office opening hours. We offer day and year passes.
Lost or damaged cards can be replaced by the librarians after paying an administration fee.

Why do you have books for sale?

The library regularly receives donations. We already own a copy of some of the books. The doubles are then put for sale. The proceeds are, of course, used to buy new books for our library.

A multifunctional is available in the entrance wing to print, scan or copy. All ETF students and staff get a student/library card with a barcode and login code on the back. Guest cards are available at the reception. Scans are free. Students will be billed for copies and prints. Guests are required to pay at the reception. Detailed instructions are posted by the multifunctional.
Remember you can only copy short sections due to copyrights. The law allows you to copy on paper or scan from (fragments of) books, articles and photos. The prior consent of the author or publisher is not required for this, at least under the condition that the copies are made for private use or for educational or scientific purposes. If you want to copy for other purposes (or if you want to copy a book in its entirety), the permission of authors and publishers is needed. The European copyright law indicates that you are allowed to copy one chapter or 10 to 20 % of a book.

Does the ETF library provide an ILL service (InterBibliothecair Leenverkeer/InterLibrary Loans)?

No, at this point the ETF library does not provide InterLibrary Loans.

Why are some books lacking a call number?

Books without a call number have been ordered, but not yet arrived in the library.

Is the website available in other languages?

The library website is currently only available in English. Note, however, that our collection contains many materials in other languages. When you use the advanced search you can limit the search to a certain language.

Does the reading history include the books I have placed on hold?

No, the reading history provides a list of all materials you have ever borrowed on your account. It does not include the materials you have placed on hold, unless they were checked out to your account. This means that materials you have consulted in the library, but not borrowed, do not appear on the list. You can still retrace them from your search history, if you haven't cleared it yet.

Why do I have to identify myself on entering the library?

There are three reasons why we kindly ask you to do this.
Firstly, we are not a public library, but an academic library with the dual purpose of serving the ETF students and staff and to serve as an evangelical study centre. The library workers who sit at the library desk do not know all registered library users by name.
Secondly, although ETF is not responsible for the personal belongings of library users, we do want to maintain minimum security.
Thirdly, we would like to gather statistics on the use of the library so we can adapt our services accordingly and have actual figures to use for our strategic planning and budget requests.
We thank you in advance for your cooperation. It is much appreciated.

Are the username and password of my library account the same as for Virtual Campus?

No, for the moment you have a separate login for the VC and the library. We are working towards a central login.

Log in to your account:
Forgot your password?

If you forgot your password, send us an email. We will reset the password and send you the new login information.

Don't have a library account/card?

If you don't have a library account/card, stop by the library office.