Information and Regulations

Who can use the library?

To use the library you need a library card:

Who? What? Cost? Borrowing privileges?
ETF students Student ID card free yes
ETF staff Library card free yes
ETF alumni Year pass free yes
ETF student and staff spouses Year pass €5,00 yes
LCCS guests / CTS Year pass €7,00 yes
Visitors Day pass €2,00 no
Year pass €7,00 no

Except for students and staff, cards with borrowing privileges can be obtained at the library office.
Visitor cards are available at the library office, only during office opening hours.

Borrowing Privileges

Who? Number of books Number of weeks
General 10 3
Staff and students 10 15
Open University students 20 15
Thesis students
Doctoral students
30 15
Staff 100 15

  • Everyone with borrowing privileges gets a library account. You receive an email with your username and password when you register.
  • Materials can be renewed up to five times via the online catalog or at the library desk.
  • If you have unpaid fines, materials may not be borrowed.
  • You may only borrow materials on your own library card. Never lend your card to another person.

General Regulations

  • On entering the library, always scan your student/library card.
  • No bags or coats are allowed in the study areas. Please place them on the designated shelf and coat rack and use the baskets. The library workers and ETF are not responsible for the safety of your belongings. There is a lost and found box at the library desk, in which found items will be kept for max. 1 month.
  • The library is for study and research. Silence, tidiness and order should be maintained at all times. Please turn off the sound on cell phones while in the library.
  • Always put materials on the book carts after use. Please do not keep them on the tables or put them back on the shelves.
  • Eating and drinking are not allowed in the library, except for bottled water, which needs to be kept on the floor.

Fees and Fines

  • Overdue materials will be fined at €0,25 per item per day.
  • Administration fees: €5
    • Replacement of lost/damaged library card.
    • Lost materials: fee + replacement price.
    • Damaged books: fee + replacement price.
  • Fines: €10
    • People who are not library workers taking the library key to open the library or using the computers on the library desk.
    • Food/drinks in library.
    • Using someone else’s library card.
    • Using the library computers for anything but library use.
    • Taking up a workspace for non-research/study purposes.
    • Using library Wi-Fi disproportionately for non-research/study purposes.
    • Taking a book out of the library without borrowing it on your card: per book.

Finding Materials

  • Type in as much information as you know in the search box on top: for example, the author’s last name, a keyword of the title, the subject of the book or any combination. You can also use the advanced search option. The location and the call number indicate the book’s exact location in the library. You can consult the floor plans to help you find the location.
  • Some materials are not located in the main library:
Books older than 1960
Journals older than 1995
Pamphlets older than 1995
Closed Stacks
Professor’s books Professor’s office (not always available)

Place a hold in the online catalog to request these materials. The librarian will process holds as soon as possible. You will receive an email when the material can be collected at the library desk.

  • Special sections in the main library:
Name section Place Recognized by
Periodical Section Entrance wing, before books No spine labels
New Journals Entrance wing, near multifunctional No spine labels
New books Entrance wing, near New Journals
Research Section Centre room Yellow stickers
Required Reading Centre room around pillar Orange stickers
Bible Section Centre room Blue stickers
Pamphlet Section File cabinets on second floor Purple stickers
Thesis Tables Tables on second floor

  • If you have trouble locating a book, please feel free to ask the library workers.

Borrowing Exceptions

Most materials can be borrowed by those with borrowing privileges. The exceptions are:

Item type Identified by Reason
Reference books Red dot on label and REF at the end of the call number Important, valuable or fragile books
Required Reading Orange dot on label Books used for ETF courses, should always be available in the library
Periodicals/Journals PER at start of call number Difficult to replace

  • Books above can be consulted and necessary parts copied/scanned in the library.
  • New materials may be borrowed.

Computers, Internet and Print/Scan/Copy Facilities

  • The computers in the library are only for research and study purposes.
    Changing computer settings or installing software is not allowed.
  • Wireless internet is available in the library. Ask the library worker for the password.
  • A multifunctional is available in the entrance wing to print, scan or copy. All ETF students and staff get a student/library card with a barcode and login code on the back. Guest cards are available at the reception. Scans are free. Students will be billed for copies and prints. Guests are required to pay at the reception. Detailed instructions are posted by the multifunctional.
  • Remember you can only copy short sections due to copyrights. The law allows you to copy on paper or scan from (fragments of) books, articles and photos. The prior consent of the author or publisher is not required for this, at least under the condition that the copies are made for private use or for educational or scientific purposes. If you want to copy for other purposes (or if you want to copy a book in its entirety), the permission of authors and publishers is needed. The European copyright law indicates that you are allowed to copy one chapter or 10 to 20 % of a book.
    Don’t press down on the book spines while scanning or copying. The spines are fragile.
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