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The library of the Evangelische Theologische Faculteit vzw (ETF) serves a dual purpose. It stimulates and supports scholarship and research in evangelical protestant theology of both the students and professors of ETF, and it also functions as an evangelical study center for Belgium and the Netherlands.

Today, the ETF Library is offering its services to over 200 students and over 100 professors and staff members, along with the churches of Flanders and the Netherlands from Evangelical, Protestant, Pentecostal, Anglican, and other Christian backgrounds.

In its collection, the ETF library enriches and complements theological studies in Belgium by its unique focus on the available evangelical and protestant scholarship. The growing collection includes more than 100,000 volumes (books, journals, theses and dissertations) in two primary languages, Dutch and English, with many resources in German and French. This collection is complemented by access to digital databases, including EBSCO and ProQuest.

The ETF library was renovated in 1992 along with the administrative offices and classrooms. This total transformation was funded by a grant from Blankemeyer trust. With this donation the ETF was able to convert part of the former Jesuit library tower into its present effective environment.

Read more about the historical background of the ETF.

The ETF library is located on the first and second floors of the academic building. Works published before 1970 and periodicals older than 10 years are kept in closed stacks. These materials are available by placing a hold on the book through the library website.

The ETF library also offers free WiFi and scanning to its patrons.

Interested parties can gain access to the library by means of a visitor's card.

Find out more about library membership and regulations.

Library Team

  • Alyona Tkachenko, Assistant Librarian
  • Mirjam Vantieghem, Librarian

The library also operates thanks to our dedicated volunteers, Hannah and Jacques, and part-time student workers.

Interested in joining the team? Send us an e-mail to library@etf.edu!

Professional Associations

The ETF library is a member of the following associations:

  • Atla – American Theological Library Association
  • BETh – Bibliothèques Européennes de Théologie
    European Theological Libraries
  • VRB – Vereniging van Religieus-Wetenschappelijke Bibliothecarissen
    Association for religious scientific librarians
  • VVBAD – Vlaamse Vereniging voor Bibliotheek, Archief & Documentatie
    Flemish library and archives association


Updated 03/06/22

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