Library membership

Who can use the library?

Only members of the library can use our facilities. This means that to use the library, you need a library card. For all types of membership, the duration of the membership is 1 year, except the day visitor.
By using the library, you agree to observe all library regulations.

Who? Fee Type of access card
ETF Leuven Residential student with student ID
Residential thesis student* with student ID
Open University student with student ID
Open University thesis student* with student ID
PhD student with student ID
Staff with staff ID
Alumni with student ID (or apply for Library Card)
Visitor with borrowing privileges €30 apply for Library Card
reduced fee (for students,** those in professional ministry, and spouses of staff and students) €15 apply for Library Card
1 day without borrowing privileges €5 apply for Library Card

*a student who is enrolled for their thesis (with or without other credits)
** for KU Leuven students and staff the membership fee is waived and they can have their KUL library card registered to use at the ETF library.

Some short-term research guests are offered complimentary library access. Please get in touch with your ETF Leuven contact person or representative to know if you can apply for this type of membership. If you are part of one of the cooperating organisations, such as IBV, de Federale Synode or EVAdoc: please contact your administration to learn more about your options for library membership.
To apply for a visitor membership at a reduced fee, you will have to be able to supply proof that you are a student or employed in professional ministry.

Visitor library cards are made at the library office. To apply, please fill out the membership application form. Student and staff ID’s will be delivered to you automatically. All these types of cards are personal, and may not be used by anyone other than the card holder. Everyone with membership gets a library account. You receive an automatic email with your username and password when the account is created.


Updated 24/10/22

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