Navigating physical collection

Type in as much information as you know in the search box on top: for example, the author’s last name, a keyword of the title, the subject of the book or any combination. You can also use the advanced search option or the browse search on author/subject/title.

The location and the call number indicate the book’s exact location in the library. You can consult the floor plans to help you find the location.

Some materials are located in the closed stacks:

  • Books older than 1970
  • Journals older than 2010
  • Pamphlets

⇨ Place a hold in the online catalog to request these materials. The librarian will process holds as soon as possible. You will receive an email if and when the material can be collected at the library entrance wing.

Special sections in the main library:

Name section Place Recognized by
Periodical Section Entrance wing, before books No spine labels
New Journals Entrance wing, near multifunctional No spine labels
New Books Entrance wing, near New Journals
Research Section Centre room Yellow stickers
Required Reading Centre room around pillar Orange stickers
Bible Section Centre room Blue stickers
Research Tables Centre room

If you have trouble locating a book, please feel free to ask the library workers.


Updated 22/12/22

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