Library regulations

Due to special measures for energy saving, some regulations are temporarily changed. Please have a look at the opening hours page for more information.

By using the library, you agree to observe all library regulations as outlined below.


  • On entering the library, always scan your student/library card.
  • Keep the study area neat. Please place bags and coats on the designated shelf and coat rack and use the baskets. The library workers and ETF are not responsible for the safety of your belongings. There is a lost and found box at the library desk, in which found items will be kept for max. 1 month.
  • The library and all its facilities are for study and research. Silence, tidiness and order should be maintained at all times. Please turn off the sound on all your devices while in the library or use headphones.
  • Eating and drinking are not allowed in the library, except for bottled water.
  • Every library user will be automatically signed up for the library newsletter. In every email is a link to unsubscribe.

Borrowing/consulting items

  • Only borrow items on your own library card.
  • Always check out items to your account if you want to take them out of the library.
  • Items that are 'not for loan' should be consulted in the library. Only ETF faculty can borrow these items.
  • Return borrowed items on time. Contact us if there is an issue.
  • Treat the items carefully.
  • Always put items on the book carts after use in the library. Please do not keep them on the tables or put them back on the shelves.

Fees and fines


When the library office is open:
Library fees, fines and book sale purchases can be paid via card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, GooglePay or ApplePay).

When the library office is closed:
Library fees, fines and book sale purchases can be paid via bank transfer to:

Evangelische Theologische Faculteit vzw
BE86 2300 0873 3050 (BIC GEBABEBB)
Add “LIBRARY” + type of payment (card/fine/scan/books) and your full name in the free-format reference field: “LIBRARY_PAYMENT TYPE_SURNAME_NAME”, e.g. “library fine Barth Karl”

After making a payment, please send a confirmation e-mail to with the type of payment (library card/fine/scan/book sale) as e-mail subject and transfer details (screenshot or PDF report) in attachment. Then we can settle your account.

List of charges

  • Membership fees: see Library membership page.
  • Copier fees: see Library services page.
  • Scan service fees: see Library services page.
  • Overdue materials will be fined at €0,25 per item per day.*
  • Replacing a lost/damaged library card: €5
  • Lost or damaged book: €5 + replacement cost
  • Allowing another person to use your library card: €10
  • Using library computers for non-library use**: €10
  • Eating or drinking in the library: €10
  • Using study spaces for non-study purposes: €10
  • Excessive or inappropriate use of internet (wifi) connections: €10
  • Taking items from the library without checking them out***: €10
  • Entering or taking items from the library office without permission***: €10

*With a maximum of €25 total.
**Library use = scanning, use of the catalog, use of e-sources; note that ‘library use’ does not include writing papers.
***Unlawfully taking books or any other items from the library or library office is considered theft.


As an extra measure on top of or besides fines and fees, the patron's library account can be restricted. In that case the patron will not be able to place holds, checkout or renew items until the restriction is cancelled.

Overdue notices are send automatically when an item has exceeded its loan term: on the first day after the due date, a week later (8 days overdue) and again two weeks later (22 days overdue). When the third reminder is sent, the library account is automatically restricted until return of the item. If the patron does not return the item or contact the library within a month after the third reminder, the item is assumed lost and the replacement fee and additional €5 administrative fee (per item) is charged instead of the overdue fine. Patrons cannot opt out of these overdue messages. They can opt in or out of automatic pre-due and due notices (see "your messaging" tab in your account).

If the fine/fee amount exceeds €5 the library account is automatically restricted until payment.

If the total fine/fee amount is at least €25 and not paid on the initiative of the patron or after a reminder of the library, follow-up of the outstanding charge will be transferred to the bookkeeping office. They will make out an invoice and charge a €10 administrative fee on top of the fine/fee amount.

Monthly reminders will be sent for outstanding amounts. These need to be paid by the end of May each year. If they are ignored until then, follow-up of the outstanding charge will be transferred to the bookkeeping office. Via them the patron:

  1. will receive via email a first reminder with a warning for administrative sanctions;
  2. in case of non-payment will receive a second reminder with a warning for an impending suspension and administrative sanctions after two weeks. This reminder is sent via email and via postal mail. For this second reminder an administrative compensation of €33 will be charged;
  3. will be declared in default and suspended after another two weeks. From that moment on:
    • on top of the restrictions already in place, the library account will be expired, access to the library, its digital resources and all other services and use of the copier is denied;
    • the patron owes an administrative fee of €66;
    • a default interest of 4% is charged;

These sanctions remain valid as long as the suspension is not retracted.
Patrons that are suspended due to outstanding amounts for ETF study, copier or rental fees or any other reason will also be suspended from the library.

Use of personal information

We use the personal information you provided to assure you of qualitative library services. This may include e-mails or phone calls regarding your account or regarding the use of the library (both personal and general information).


Updated 24/10/2022

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